More Twin Citians using pedal and footpower

A new biking and walking census shows a healthy jump in the number of folks hoofing it and putting foot on (bike) pedal.

The Transit for Livable Communities survey shows biking up by a third and walking up nearly 20 percent from 2007 to 2010.

The expansion of paths and lanes for non-motorized uses is part of the reason. That expansion gets a boost in Minneapolis this year where officials say they’ll add up to 35 miles of non motorized paths and lanes. The average expansion they say is about four miles a year.

Talk to bikers and walkers and you hear lots of other reasons for the growth: parking and driving are a hassle and expensive (gasoline hitting $3.60 a gallon). Fitness is another goal.

The challenge now is for motorized vehicle drivers to become more familiar with state laws which grant bicyclists the right to be in lanes of traffic, to keep their vehicle at least three feet away from a bicyclist and to stop for pedestrians crossing streets.

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