Energy efficiency and a crabby dad

I was the parent shouting, “Hey, turn off the lights when you’re done….”

Better strategy: “Hey, your (pitiable, ridiculously small) allowance will go up if you turn off the lights.”

This, of course, is the payoff for energy efficiency. You don’t spend, thus you save. And, oh yes, by the way, we won’t need that additional coal-fired or nuclear plant if enough people conserve.

Business people, as much as anyone on the planet, understand money and saving it. They’re among the leaders in energy efficiency.

Business owners have a chance to learn more about it next week. at a Bryant Lake Bowl session on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

If you can’t make the meeting you can always visit the blogosphere including this one from the feds, among many others.

Or you can check in with Xcel, the state’s largest power company, and peruse their ideas.

And don’t be shy about sharing your energy efficiency ideas with all your friends here at The Cities.