Colleagues’ Twin Cities spring snow survival stories are the best.

Forget the news coverage.

The tales from neighboring cubicles here at the MPR news of battling the latest snow blast ranch top anything on the radio.

There’s the one from the co-worker whose dead bolted garage entry door was frozen. Thank goodness her holiday lights were still up.

She ran back into the house for her hair dryer. Plugged in to the holiday lights extension cord. Flicked on the heat.

Voila! She was in, out, and on the way to work. (By the way, same drill today.)

My favorite so far is from the cube neighbor on the other side of me. It’s a, “don’t try this at home,” tale. He got stuck in the snow in his (suburban) driveway. Headed back to get the snow thrower to blow himself to freedom. The snowblower was out of gas. Tried to siphon gas from the car gas tank. Got soaked in gas (thank god he’s not a smoker). Finally called a neighbor to borrow some.

Anyway, it’s amazing any of us survived. What’s your survival story?

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