Johnny Northside wants to enlist Courtney Love in free speech fight


Johnny Northside is hoping to get some Love in his First Amendment fight.

Blogger John Hoff says he’ll try to enlist rocker Courtney Love in his appeal against last week’s jury decision ordering him to pay up $60,000 in a defamation suit against him.

Love ran into her own free-speech troubles after ranting on Twitter against a clothing designer, who sued Love for defamation. The same week Hoff’s case went to trial, news broke that Love was settling out of court for $430,000.

Hoff apparently sees a kindred spirit in the Hole frontwoman, and plans to ask Love to help support his defense fund.

“She found it more expedient to settle,” Hoff tells me today. “If she threw some money our way, we’ll fight the battle for free speech.”

I ran into the boisterous blogger at Hennepin County Government Center while digging around for some unrelated court documents. Turns out Hoff was doing his own digging, searching for more evidence to bolster his claims against former Jordan neighborhood leader Jerry Moore. Moore sued Hoff after the blogger accused him of being involved in a major mortgage-fraud case in an online posting.

While Moore was never charged, the jury believed Hoff’s statement against Moore was true. But the jury still decided he should pay damages to Moore, who was fired from his job after the blog item ran.

Hoff says it’s not like he has $60,000 lying around.

“You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” he says.

The jury’s decision, Hoff says, has energized a half-dozen organizations that are lining up to write amicus briefs out of concerns about free speech.

The attention is coming from coast to coast, Hoff says. A California attorney is weighing the possibility of becoming a co-counsel in his case.

“The more, the merrier,” he says.

  • He should get Michael Tigar, emeritus prof, Duke U. School of Law interested and into the case.

    Tigar worked on the Chicago Seven defense. Angela Davis was a client. He helped Terry Nichols beat the death penalty as Nichols’ first attorney after the Oklahoma Fed. Building bombing.

    Smarter than most, Tigar is a $500+ per hour hire, unless he likes a case, pro bono.

    He wrote THE pamphlet on fighting and having a chance to defeat being drafted during Vietnam. (Cheney must have read it.)

    He presently is fighting with Lynne Stewart against her disbarment arising from her conduct while representing the Blind Shiek convicted of complicity in the first Trade Center attack, the car-bombing try.

    His Wikipedia entry notes a range of representation, “John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian-born immigrant accused of having been “Ivan the Terrible,” a notorious Nazi concentration camp guard, whose conviction by courts in Israel was overturned but was stripped of U.S. citizenship. Scott McClellan, who is scheduled to testify before Congress regarding the role of the Bush Administration in the CIA leak case regarding the identity of former CIA agent Valerie Plame.”

    It also notes, “In 1999, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice held a ballot for “Lawyer of the Century.” Mr. Tigar was third in the balloting, behind Clarence Darrow and Thurgood Marshall.”

    A champion of the scorned and those trod upon.

    An ideal individual to represent Free Speech and the First Amendment, in this blogger speech case, where the resounding question got waylaid via a lame tortious interference shibboleth of an ambush.

  • This is John Hoff from Johnny

    If there are prominent lawyers who wish to become involved in the case, they should contact my attorney, Paul Godfread. We do have some prominent legal help contacting us already and getting involved but it’s truly a case of the more the merrier. Amicus briefs are welcome but please go through my attorney.

    Currently, I am having difficulty reaching Courtney Love. The agent who represents her is no longer her agent and has no idea how to get ahold of her. I think I will put the plea out upon my blog, and hope that Love finds Her way to me!

    I’d be delighted to get in contact with any “free speech heavy hitters” who want to get a piece of this action, and get their names in it for the history books. Hugh Hefner. Larry Flynnt’s estate. Entertainers, comedians, news makers who have had their own free speech battles. If they will donate sums to this cause, their name can be part of this fight.

    And it’s a good fight! My blog spoke up for truth. And this is truth:

    Repeated and specific evidence in Hennepin County District Court shows Jerry Moore was involved in a high profile fraudulent mortgage at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.

    The First Amendment is the right to speak that sentence, that truth–speak that truth to a government entity employing Moore to do mortgage research or outreach–and let the consequences fall where they might.

    If we can’t do that…there’s no First Amendment.

  • The appeal to Courtney Love has been written, though attempts to get directly in touch with her have failed…