Safer biking in Minneapolis? City stats say yes.

The rate of bicycle crashes of all types are down by nearly a quarter in Minneapolis the past 15 years. The new numbers are from Shaun Murphy the non motorized traffic (that means biking and walking) specialist in the city’s public works department.

You can get all the statistics including state numbers here.

It’s good news, of course, but as the numbers show there are still fatalities and plenty of life-changing injuries happening to bicyclists.

One way to reduce bike and car accidents is to create more trails. And according to Murphy, this will be a bumper year for bike lanes in Minneapolis.

Normally the city of Minneapolis adds about four miles a year. This year it’s poised to add up to 35 miles.

  • Lindsay

    This is fantastic! Ideally, every street would have a bike lane. This would show cars that bikes are viable modes of transportation and are allowed to be on the road. Without a lane, it seems cars do not take us seriously and yell at us to “get off the road/get of the sidewalk” (which is illegal actually to bike on the sidewalk). It would make cars happier/less aggressiv and more respectful if we had lanes. And it would be MUCH safer for cyclists.