Minneapolis lists problem landlords online

The city of Minneapolis has launched a new website aimed at protecting residents from irresponsible landlords.

The new site posts the names of owners who’ve had properties condemned or demolished, or had their rental licenses revoked. The site is part of an ongoing campaign of stepped up enforcement aimed at cracking down on problem landlords.

Henry Reimer from the city of Minneapolis says poorly maintained rentals affect the livability of the entire community. He says they hurt property values.

Properties that are not well-maintained – that tends to set a standard that drags down the rest of the neighborhood in terms of maintenance.

Since 2005 the city revoked about 200 rental licenses – that’s compared to just 11 revocations in the five years prior. City officials say the number of violations for irresponsible landlords skyrocketed during the housing crisis of the last decade. They say there has also been an increase in the number of single family rental conversions.

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