Metro Transit lines ready for a name change

Here’s a chance to have your kid, your favorite uncle or maybe Electra your cat memorialized forever in Twin Cities transit history.

The Metropolitan Council invites us to name the system many of us know as Metro Transit or, ‘the bus.’ To be clear, they’re not changing the name of Metro Transit, they’re inviting the public to name specific transitways, such as the blue line or the red line.

The Portland, Oregon light rail arm of their transit network is MAX, the commuter rail portion is WES.

MAX and WES, sort of the daytime soap opera approach to transit branding. Especially once you add MARTA from Atlanta.

In other cities, the systems are BART, DART and so on. In San Francisco, a city with an unbeatable mix of charm and hipness, their antique cable car system has named individual vehicles with labels such as, ‘cable car 15.’ Still a ways to go on the branding front there.

We can do better. Get that name in now, make history. Share your ideas here on the The Cities Blog.