ICE gives wrong worksite audit list to MPR

Last week, we reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had responded to MPR News’ request for information on Minnesota employers fined for employing illegal immigrants over the past ten years with this list.

ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer now indicates the list was incorrect “due to a clerical error”. Despite MPR News’ repeated electronic FOIA requests in October 2010, and email requests to both DC headquarters and the Bloomington office in January 2011, ICE is now unable to provide MPR News with a corrected list. ICE in DC recently gave a Star Tribune reporter a list that includes ABM, a company that had signed a non-disclosure agreement with ICE. We reported on ABM when it fired 1,200 undocumented janitors in 2009.

Neudauer gave MPR the following statement:

“An administrative I-9 audit was conducted by ICE, which resulted in a mutually acceptable agreement between ICE and ABM, which the parties have agreed to keep confidential.”

We’ll update this story as soon as more information become available.