Good, bad and indifferent Minnesota job news

Well, not indifferent. Try sobering. The numbers out from DEED, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, this week are mostly sobering.

The good news.

Job vacancies late last year were up 30%. There were a fair number of health care, retail (mostly holiday hiring) and a reassuring bump up in manufacturing jobs available.

DEED spokeswoman Oriane Casale says when the numbers are boiled to their essence they work out this way:

There were slightly more than five unemployed folks seeking every job in the fourth quarter of last year compared eight or more folks seeking that elusive vacant job the year before.

Take a breath.

The rest of the news is the DEED survey of private sector employers showed that about eighty percent of them have no plans at the moment to hire additional workers.

If you’ve been looking for work, have you found it? Where, how?

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