WASHINGTON – The fundraising race in what’s likely to be Minnesota’s most-contested congressional district picked up several degrees after incumbent DFLer Rick Nolan announced a $265,000 haul in the first three months of the year, his biggest to date since returning to Congress in 2013. His Republican challenger,  Stewart Mills, brought in $203,000. Nolan’s campaign Read more

Former state Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb’s lawsuit against the Senate takes a new turn after Brodkorb’s lawyers publicly posted documents about other alleged extramarital affairs at the State Capitol. A judge had earlier ordered that the information remain private.
And in Washington, the GOP House succeeded in passing a farm bill that severs the relationship between food stamps and agricultural policy.

And as the 2014 elections approach, U.S. Sen. Al Franken turned in some impressive fundraising totals last quarter. Read more