Daily Digest: A call to improve sexual assault response

1. Panel says we can do better on sexual assault. A state task force has concluded that Minnesota suffers from “systemic and complex” failures in the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults that require action by the Legislature, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors and the general public. “Law enforcement investigations of sexual assaults should treat victim-survivors with respect and dignity, hold offenders accountable, and protect the public from sexual violence,” according to a draft report prepared by the task force and obtained by the Star Tribune. “Yet, recent reports have shown significant areas for improvement … in Minnesota.” (Star Tribune)

2. Is Klobuchar Democrats’ best response to Trump? As Democrats look ahead to 2020, Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presence in a jam-packed field of potential contenders raises a core question about what kind of candidate can beat Mr. Trump. At a moment when confrontational progressives such as Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are captivating the party’s imagination and tapping into its anger, do Democrats need a firebrand Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders type who can whip up the liberal left and match Mr. Trump’s pugnacity? Or do they need a calm, reasoned, reliable (but not flashy) Democrat from the American heartland to provide a stark contrast to the president — in short, Amy Klobuchar? (New York Times)

3. We’re number 1! (Again.) More than 2.6 million Minnesotans cast ballots in this month’s election, short of the 2.9 million who voted two years ago, but still good enough to hit 64.25 percent of eligible voters and once again lead the nation. State officials certified the election results Tuesday. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon, who chairs the state canvassing board, noted that it was the second election in a row that Minnesota voters led the nation. (MPR News)

4. Future of Minneapolis homeless camp coming into focus. City of Minneapolis officials said Tuesday they plan to close down the homeless encampment once a nearby emergency shelter opens. Until now, it was unclear what would happen with the site along Franklin and Hiawatha avenues in south Minneapolis once the so-called navigation center opens. “The City and partners are working toward a plan to close the encampment after the Navigation Center is open and people have been relocated there. Given the weather and other conditions at the site, it is not a safe place for people,” city spokesperson Sarah McKenzie said. The emergency shelter will house some 120 people and is expected to open in mid-December. (MPR News)

5. Minneapolis considers IDs for undocumented immigrants. Minneapolis is one step closer to creating municipal IDs for undocumented immigrants. A council committee voted unanimously Monday to move ahead with the program that could give people easier access to housing, banking and health care. Jovita Morales believes the program will help her. She has lived in Minnesota for over 20 years, but she doesn’t have state-issued identification. She uses her passport or consular ID when necessary. She still can’t do things like easily cash her paychecks. (MPR News)

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