DFL demands GOP lawmakers stop copying logo

Four Republican state lawmakers have formed an informal caucus to discuss rural issues, but the name and logo they’re using have seriously irked the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, more commonly known as the DFL.

The GOP lawmakers call their project the Republican Farmer Labor Caucus, or RFL. Their logo is strikingly similar to the DFL logo.

Rep. Jeremy Munson, R-Lake Crystal, is one of the RFL instigators.

“It was intended to highlight how the Republicans are out there fighting for farmers, and that Democrats, even though they have ‘farmer’ in their party name, actually aren’t out there supporting farmers,” Munson said.

Munson, along with House colleagues Rep Jeff Backer, Rep. Jason Rarick and Rep. Tim Miller, received a cease and desist letter Monday from Charles Nauen, a lawyer representing the Minnesota DFL, who demanded they stop using the logo.

Nauen said the name and the logo are confusing to the public.

“If you continue such use despite this notification, we will consider all available legal means to protect the marks and goodwill of the Minnesota DFL Party,” Nauen wrote.

Munson said he might be willing to change the group’s logo but not its name.

“We are Republicans and we are talking about issues that are important to farming and labor,” he said.


Thanks for all the comments. I had some technical problems getting the original logo onto the blog, but here it is.

  • Max Hailperin
    • Jeff

      The Bluestem Prairie used the wrong logo, if you click the link in the article it shows this image:



      • Max Hailperin

        Jeff, Bluestem Prairie used the image as it existed at the time. If you check out when the current image was loaded to the Facebook page, you’ll see it was at 9:50 PM on Monday, April 23, 2018. In other words, after receipt of the cease and desist letter and even further after the Bluestem Prairie article.

        • Max Hailperin

          In the normal Facebook display, it is currently (Tuesday) just showing “Yesterday,” leaving the time on Monday ambiguous. But if you hover over that with the mouse or inspect the HTML element, you can see the full timestamp. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c3c172ff78096477b08f3b58377999483b94fcb4f8d44fdfa265dae84fc44132.png

        • Jeff

          So doesn’t the change resolve the issue?

          • Max Hailperin

            Jeff, I’m in no position to say whether the DFL considers the infringement to be resolved. I can, however, say that you owe @MsSallyJoS:disqus (Sally Jo Sorensen, publisher of Blue Stem Prairie) an apology for saying that she used “the wrong logo”.

          • Jeff

            I’ll be honest, I’m not sure when the logo changed, if it ever did…I clicked the link to the facebook page last night and I saw the logo that exists today. It’d be great if the Bluestem Prairie could correct their story and make a note of when the logo changed if it ever did…right now we’re going based on the word of some random comments online. I have no proof one way or the other, if you could provide that referencing a reputable source that’d be great.

          • Max Hailperin

            Jeff, I provided you the evidence 12 hours ago. See the screen capture with the circled timestamp. And @MsSallyJoS:disqus posted two hours ago a reply to you with the information that she had updated her post to note the change (including the time of that change). So you’re behind the times. Also, I rather take offense at having my information termed “some random comments online.” I am using my full name, Max Hailperin, just as Sally Jo Sorensen published under her full name. For either of us, you can readily find our educational qualifications, our track record of what we have previously published in various fora, how accurate we’ve been in the past, whether we’ve issued public corrections when we’ve made mistakes, etc. Whereas you are just “Jeff.” If some third party were to read this dialog between you and us, I don’t think you would be the one who would come across as a credible source.

      • MsSallyJoS

        My post went up on Sunday, before the cease and desist letter and the change. And since you’ve not understood this timeline, I’m updating the original post to reflect the changes (and news) that have happened since Sunday. Other new sources are reporting the change (but not featuring the original logo–with the exception of Mankato’s KEYC-TV: http://www.keyc.com/story/38033651/dfl-warns-munson-over-similar-logos).

        KEYC-TV shows a great deal of integrity is using the original logo in its coverage. The issue would be more readily understood by the public if all media would show what originally appeared.

  • Fred


  • Andie Marie

    This is the original “RFL” logo, which is an obvious rip-off of the DFL logo. The logo included in this story is their updated logo after receiving the cease and desist. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/43b5779a1c941c5a1ddee23e159bbc556c01174eeb1bd7af2624bd1be8fd39d7.png

    • Thank you. I thought I had captured a screenshot of this, but just checked my computer and couldn’t find one. Saving your for future reference.

      The funny thing is, I think these manure breath Republicans just did this to deliberately try to piss people off. They don’t really care about farmers or working people (or organized labor) at all, just their rich benefactors. So if they’re going to lower the bar of discourse once again, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!