Minnesota GOP leader to earn cut of large donations

Minnesota’s Republican Party chair will collect bonuses tied to fundraising.

Jennifer Carnahan Brian Bakst | MPR News 2016

The party’s executive committee voted 11-3 Thursday night for a bonus structure that will give GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan a 10 percent commission on major donations, subject to a cap. The incentive plan provides her a cut on contributions above $5,000 and limits the award to $58,000 per year, according to the party.

The incentive is meant to recognize the extra work involved in securing those large donations, said party executive director Matthew Pagano.

“It’s tied directly to her performance as a fundraiser, which is the number one job of the state party chair in any party. It’s a merit-based, based on performance,” Pagano said. “It’s not like a flat salary, which has been a lot larger at a flat rate for prior chairs.”

Carnahan, who was elected to the job in April, earns a base salary of $67,000 per year. That is less than some prior chairs have earned but close to the amount Carnahan requested she be paid when she sought the job in a contested race last year.

Minnesota’s DFL Party Chair Ken Martin earns more than $100,000 per year but doesn’t get commissions.