Fair polls show marijuana support, toll road opposition

Results are out from the annual State Fair surveys conducted by the nonpartisan information offices of the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate.

They’re an unscientific sampling but show how some folks feel about public policy issues that state lawmakers are considering.

The House survey of 7,122 fairgoers found just over half (50.6 %) support the recreational use of marijuana by people age 21 and over. Lawmakers introduced two bills related to legalized marijuana during the 2017 session, but they didn’t go anywhere.

In the same survey, an overwhelming 95.8 percent favor a requirement for telecommunications companies to obtain customer permission to sell their web browsing data. Lawmakers tried unsuccessfully last session to create online privacy protections, but the issue is expected to return.

Fairgoers also said in the House survey that they support a gas tax increase (60.6%) and a statewide increase in the age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21 (66%).

The separate Senate poll of 5,310 fairgoers looked at different issues. It showed support (61.77%) for the elimination of a of a religious exemption for child immunizations.

There was strong opposition (71.28%) to the use of toll roads. A feasibility study of Minnesota toll roads is in the works.

The Senate poll also found slim majorities oppose the constitutional dedication of spending (50.99%) and fishing with two lines (53.69%).

  • X.A. Smith

    This is meaningless….

  • MrE85

    Yes to weed, No to greed. Stay crazy, Minnesota!

  • God is dead

    Ah yes, keep poisoning the kids with big pharma garbage. I’m not sure why the idiots don’t stop prohibition immediately. As for two lines… the citizens should be able to use two lines if we continue to allow the illegals to use 2 or more and keep 10x the limit daily. Hey Minnekorea DNR, do your damn job.