Minnesota party chairs clash over Charlottesville

Some Minnesota Republicans are condemning the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and some Democrats who are trying to tie the GOP to the display of racism and anti-Semitism there.

Minnesota Republican Party chair Jennifer Carnahan said the violence was horrific. She said the party does not condone any bigotry.

“I think it’s important that people stand up and speak out about it, speak out against it, and stay strong to what the values of our country are,” Carnahan said.

Carnahan added that opponents of President Trump are trying to politicize the tragedy.

Several left-leaning social justice groups announced plans to protest Monday outside the state Republican Party office in Minneapolis. They blame Trump and his supporters for a rise of hate crimes and violence.

Carnahan said the Minnesota groups have the right to peacefully protest. But she rejects their allegations as “irresponsible and reckless.”

“Making blanket, sweeping statements that what happened in one city is a reflection and says that the Republican Party of Minnesota or the Republican Party in general is racist is completely wrong,” she said.

Carnahan also criticized Minnesota DFL party chair Ken Martin for making similar allegations against Republicans over the weekend. In a social media post, Martin blamed Trump, as well as right-wing “rhetoric, policies and actions,” for a rise in hate crimes.

Martin isn’t backing down.

He said Monday that there’s no doubt about the connection. He accused Carnahan of blindly supporting Trump.

“All of us have a responsibility to tone down the rhetoric, and Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been nothing but hate-filled since the moment he was nominated,” Martin said. “To suggest that somehow these things are not linked is just denying the facts.”

  • Fred

    So we all have to tone down the rhetoric but Trump is the cause of all the problems, Mr. Martin says. Aren’t Dem VP pick Tim Kaine’s son and his fellow antifa thugs at fault as well? They’ve terrorized at least two peaceful demonstrations in Minnesota in the last few months. I don’t recall Martin condemning those people. In fact Sen. Kaine praised his son for getting arrested and charged for rioting.

    • Bg_Rdish

      Can’t blame Americans for hating Nazis, it’s in our DNA.

  • jim

    i will predict that the “several left leaning social justice groups” planning a protest outside the state republican party office will not encounter counter-protesters and no violence will occur.

    • Fred

      I wonder if leftists getting paid for rioting has anything to do with that?

      • jim

        as i said, i predict no violence.

  • theoacme

    Interesting that, when Ms. Carnahan ran for Minnesota State Senate last year, she didn’t identify her party affiliation on her campaign literature…and didn’t say what party she was with on doorsteps unless she was specifically asked…

    …and the Republican State Senate candidate in my district did the same thing…

    …if the Republican Party is so good, and the DFL is so bad, as Ms. Carnahan and her fellow Republicans imply, why didn’t she put “I’m a Republican, and proud of it!” in 72 point red with black outline drop cap sans serif font on every bit of her campaign literature?

    Didn’t Jesus (many Republicans say that they’re the only true Christians, after all) say something about not “hiding your light under a bushel”?

    (For the record, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and will never vote for anyone of either party ever again, and if there was a dunk tank full of ice-cold water, with both Martin and Carnahan sitting above it, I would dunk both with extreme prejudice.)