Dayton says ‘time is of the essence’ on health fix. Senate DFLers to request special session

Senate Democrats plan to formally ask Gov. Mark Dayton to call a special session to work on ways to reduce the impact of higher health insurance premiums that take effect in January.  A statement from the state Senate leadership says Majority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, will hold a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Gov. Dayton says he and top cabinet members are working on options to help people facing big jumps in health insurance rates for plans they buy through the individual market.

Dayton said Wednesday he hopes to have a proposal developed by the end of this week or early next week. He convened a conference call  with commissioners who advise him on the budget, taxes and insurance.

Dayton said “time is of the essence,” but he’s not sure how fast a fix could be made.

“If it requires legislative action, I’m not going to call a special session before the election. That would just be mayhem,” he said. “But we could let them know it’s forthcoming and take action right afterward. I don’t know the specifics of what we’re going to propose, so stay tuned.”

The Democratic governor has spoken bluntly about flaws with the Affordable Care Act that have left about 5 percent of Minnesotans looking at double-digit increases in premiums for 2017 coverage.

The enrollment period for next year begins Nov. 1.

  • Gary F

    Mark, where have you been for the last 6 years? Its a crisis now? It was a bad idea from its crappy start. It’s never worked. And, it’s your’s.

    • Ralphy

      Too bad for all of us that the GOP spent all their energy on ensuring that it wouldn’t work, instead of offering something constructive to improve it or replace it.

  • phred01

    When obamycare came out, you were right in the front lines of praise for it. Just like the 2 democratic senators. You reap what you sow. No foresight, no questions, just be sure it is rammed down the throats of the people.