Daily Digest: Poll shows Paulsen ahead

Good morning, and welcome to Monday and the start of another work week. There was a lot of news over the weekend, so let’s take a look at the Digest.

1. A new poll of 579 likely voters in Minnesota’s 3rd District shows Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen with a big lead over his DFL challenger state Sen. Terri Bonoff of Minnetonka.  The KSTP/Survey USA poll shows Paulsen with 49 percent support and Bonoff with 38 percent, with 13 percent undecided. Bonoff’s strategy to tie Paulsen to Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be working. The poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Trump in the district 48-35. (KSTP)

2. Both Democrats Angie Craig and Republican Jason Lewis claimed victory in their first debate on Friday night, but Craig has a big cash advantage going into the final three weeks of the 2nd District Congressional campaign. Reports filed Saturday showed Craig with more than $900,000 ion hand as of Sept. 30,  after raising $918,000 over the past three months. Lewis raised $340,000, but had just $57,000 on hand. In the 3rd District, Erik Paulsen had $2.9 million on hand, compared with $287,000 for Terri Bonoff. (Pioneer Press)

3. Minor parties and even a write-in candidate are hoping voters will consider them if they’re fed up with the way the campaign has been going. In all, there are nine choices for Minnesota voters on the ballot in the presidential race. Along with the Independence Party, the Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates, there are candidates from the Constitution Party, the Legal Marijuana Now Party, the Socialist Workers Party and the American Delta Party. (MPR News)

4. Emails that may have been hacked by Russia contain transcripts of three speeches Hillary Clinton delivered to Goldman Sachs a few years ago. If they’re genuine they’re some of the transcripts that Bernie Sanders called on Clinton to release during the primary campaign. They show that  Clinton has called for much tougher regulations on Wall Street during the campaign than she did in those closed-door meetings. (NPR)

5. Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said Sunday “we will absolutely accept” the results of the election. He and other Trump surrogates said on the Sunday morning talk shows that when Trump talks about a “rigged” election he’s referring to the media, which he says are biased against him. But shortly after Pence’s Meet the Press interview Trump took to Twitter where he wrote, “The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD.” (Politico)

  • tiffiny vanvorken

    Hil-LIAR-y has two platforms. one for behind closed doors and the other for the public, us voters.
    She truly is a two faced politician.
    No more “lifer” politicians in the WH.
    Trump is an “unclean” private citizen. Hil-LIAR-y is an “unclean” politician.
    Trump 2106

    • wjc

      C’mon, Bubba. Only one candidate is actually qualified to hold the office, whatever you think about other things. Hillary Clinton is the only rational choice.

      • theoacme

        The official Constitutional qualifications for holding the office of President of the United States are to (per Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States):

        a) Be a natural born citizen of the United States,
        b) Be at least 35 years of age, and
        c) Have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

        On that basis, both Trump and Clinton are qualified to be President of the United States, according to the Constitution.

        On the basis of being trustworthy and not a Dr. Strangelove or Major Kong, Hillary (Strangelove) and Donald (Kong) both epically fail.

        The only rational choice would be, as far as I can tell, to vote for Jill Stein for President, because she has not lied, and she has been deliberately defamed by surrogates for Secretary Clinton, which means that Stein is more qualified than either Trump or Clinton (or, for that matter, every other Republican and every other Democrat in the United States).

  • wjc

    #5: At least Pence realizes that talk about elections being “rigged” is equally damaging to Republicans. Trump is completely loony.

  • Jeff

    I just got a “push poll” from the Bonoff campaign last night, they tried to act as if they were doing a “survey”. They tried to inform me of how horrible Paulsen was by asking a question about his stances, asking me if you were told “this” about Paulsen would you still support him…? Is this legal? I’m going to let Erik Paulsen know these kind of deceptive practices are going on in the 3rd district.

    • David P.

      Push Polls are not illegal. They are used by both parties and propaganda based media to generate polling results favorable to their candidate, though the actual results are completely meaningless due to the unscientific nature and bias of these polls.
      Trump’s campaign claims polling leads and debate wins based on their push polling. About the only value they have is to shore up the wavering faithful in a faltering campaign.
      Richard Nixon and his campaign staff in 1946 are generally credited with inventing push polling.