Sanders to swoop into Minnesota for Clinton

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is headed to Minnesota next week to rally supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton.

Sanders trounced Clinton in Minnesota’s March precinct caucuses. While many Democrats who went with him have moved into her corner, some voters who backed him have been reluctant to commit to Clinton in November’s election.

Minnesota polls have shown a tightening race between her and Republican Donald Trump.

The Clinton campaign said  Sanders, a Vermont senator, will appear at rallies Tuesday in Minneapolis and Duluth. He’ll be at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus in the afternoon and the university’s Duluth campus that evening.

During his campaign, Sanders had a strong following among younger voters. That’s the demographic that Clinton has been working hard to shore up.

Trump was in Minnesota in August for a private fundraiser but otherwise hasn’t campaigned here.

  • Tim

    the thrill is gone…

    four more wars…and onward to the next bubble

    • Fred

      Tim, From your comment I think you may be seeing Sanders’ appearance in Minnesota is a sign that Hillary will win. I see it as a good sign for Trump and an indication that Hillary is worried about losing Minnesota, historically very blue in presidential elections back to Humphrey/Mondale.

  • Gnome

    Boot politicians out. Bring in fresh thinkers and open minded problem solvers. Bring back separation of church and state (teaching Islam to preschoolers and up is beyond crossing that line) politics should not be a career. It was meant to protect the people’s interests.