Lewis releases TV ad ahead of primary

Jason Lewis, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd District, released his first TV ad of the campaign, just days before the primary election.

Lewis has three GOP primary challengers in Tuesday’s primary. They are Matthew Erickson, John Howe and Darlene Miller. They’re trying to fill the open seat following the retirement of incumbent Republican Congressman John Kline. Kline is backing Miller.

In the 30 second ad, Lewis highlights his long career as a radio talk show host, where he discussed “solutions to our biggest problems.” Some of his opponents have said some of the things he said on the radio will be used against him in a general election.

“Now, it’s time to put words into action,” Lewis says.

Lewis also declares that he’ll be an “independent voice” and criticizes career politicians.

“All the politically correct politicians do is attack people like you and me who want real change,” he says. “Change like growing an economy with good paying jobs, stopping the skyrocketing spending and debt, and securing our borders once and for all.”

The winner of Tuesday’s Republican primary will face Democrat Angie Craig and Independence Party candidate Paula Overby in the November general election.


  • wjc

    How are those good paying jobs going to be created, Jason? By applying the same policies that have failed in Kansas? Yeah, guys like you have all of the answers.

    Don’t elect this guy, GOPers!