Franken mixes Trump jokes with call to action

Philadelphia Sen. Al Franken used a prime time speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to jab Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and to urge delegates to work hard to elect Hillary Clinton.

Franken took aim at Trump with a series of jokes about Trump University.

“Sure he’s scammed a lot of people,” Franken said. “But did you know that Trump University’s school of ripping people off is ranked second in the nation, right behind Bernie Madoff University? That is no mean feat.”

The riff went on for about half of the roughly eight minute speech.

Then Franken took a more serious tone to make his pitch for Clinton, who will officially become the Democratic presidential nominee this week. Franken stressed that he has known Clinton for nearly 25 years and is proud to call her a friend.

“I’ve never met anyone smarter, tougher or more ready to lead us forward,” he said.

Franken urged delegates to work hard on behalf of Clinton in the time between the end of the convention and the general election.

In a shout out to the Minnesota delegation, Franken said they were literally the reason he was on the DNC stage and not giving the speech into his bathroom mirror.