Ellison says white supremacists back Trump

U.S. Rep Keith Ellison spoke to convention delegates in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Mark Zdechlik | MPR News

PHILADELPHIA- Fifth District Congressman Keith Ellison stressed party unity and linked Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan at a Wednesday morning meeting with Democratic convention delegates from Minnesota and Tennessee.

Ellison was an early backer of Bernie Sanders, but lately he’s been making the case for supporting Hillary Clinton.  His audience, which had plenty of fellow Sanders fans in it, was receptive.

“There have been some disappointments and some bumps along the way,” said Ellison referring to leaked DNC emails that showed some party leaders were undermining Sander’s campaign. “That’s a fact –right? But you know you can’t compare us to perfection. You’ve got to compare us to other people, and the truth is that compared to those guys in Cleveland, I think we’re looking pretty good.”

Ellison urged strong Democratic voter turnout in November to support Clinton. Ellison, the only African American in Minnesota’s congressional delegation, warned about the racial implications of the election and claimed that the Ku Klux Klan wants Trump elected.

“To some people, a Trump presidency is theoretical, hypothetical, abstract,” Ellison said. “I’m not scared of Donald Trump. But anyone the Klan likes, there’s no way I could ever like.”

Ellison also promoted what’s being characterized as the most progressive Democratic platform in the party’s history.  He said the fact that Clinton worked with Sanders on the platform shows that, “Hillary listens.”

“I’m now proud to be supporting Hillary Clinton,” said Ellison to vigorous applause from the delegation.

Gov. Mark Dayton took at the podium too, underscoring the need for Democrats to unite behind Clinton.

“I’m begging you please, Hillary Clinton may not be Sen. Sanders, but she’s Hillary Clinton and she’s a heck of a lot better than Donald Trump.

Dayton called Bernie Sanders a remarkable candidate who ran a remarkable campaign and he likened him to a hero of the left-wing of the Democratic Party.

“One of the reasons he was so successful is he sounds a lot Paul Wellstone. “

  • Karen Sandstrom

    Speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan said that what Donald Trump said is the classic definition of racist. Donald Trump says he wants to end religious freedom. Donald also said he may ‘close the internet’ & then scorned free speech. Donald doesn’t have moral values or practical policies. All Donald has are sick fantasies. Oh, and Donald intends to give billionaires like himself a big tax cut. Do you think voting for a racist makes you a racist? Who & what are you?

  • Fred

    Ellison claimed recently on TV that Trump was the worst Republican candidate since George Wallace, so take what he says with a grain of salt.

    • Karen Sandstrom

      Should we believe that you disaprove of George Wallace? Afterall you are a supporter of another racist called Donald Trump. Speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan said Donald is a classic example of racism. It takes a racist to vote for a racist. Are you a self proclaimed racist? Sad…

      • Fred

        For the record, Rep. Ryan said that a Trump comment was a textbook definition of racism. The subject of that sentence is “comment”, not “Donald Trump”. So you’re mis-stating what he said.
        I’m not a racist. I have African-American, American Indian, and Asian neighbors. What kind of neighbors do you have?

      • Pit Boss

        What Fred was trying to say is that Ellison (and you it seems) didn’t know that Wallace was a Democrat.
        Trump may be a racist, I don’t know but at least he’s open about it unlike Hillary and the rest of the democrats who say they are against slavery and want equality but have indentured their “believers” into a lifetime of welfare and government programs because they’ve been told they are too stupid to do it on their own.

        • Karen Sandstrom

          Yeah I do know Wallace was a Democrat. President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act & he told Bill Moyers that he had turned the South over to the Republican Party for the rest of his life & very likely the rest of Bill Moyers’s life. Many of the racists were welcomed I into the Republican Party by Richard Nixon. I personally find the last half of your comment offensive.

          • Pit Boss

            Johnson made the “great society” and said he’d have those n$&@?!$ voting democrat for the next 200 years. After 50 years and trillions of wasted wealth transfer payments, blacks are still voting democrat and they are even further behind than they were. The democrats were and still are the party of the KKK. The democrats have shackled the poor and the minorities of the US with indentured servitude all so they can feed them scraps in return for political power.
            Sometimes the truth hurts and it offends those who see things through rose colored glasses.

          • Karen Sandstrom

            Your comment is racist. Unless Disqus is facilitating a forum for racists it should be deleted. I chose not to interact with you again.

          • Pit Boss

            Yes I know, everyone liberals disagree with are racists. Facts are facts and they aren’t racist.

          • Karen Sandstrom

            I just told you to leave me alone. Stop contacting me now.

  • Fred

    “Dayton called Bernie Sanders a remarkable candidate who ran a remarkable campaign and he likened him to a hero of the left-wing of the Democratic Party.”

    Dayton was a superdelegate and voted for Hillary for the Democratic nomination, in spite of the fact that Minnesota Democrats overwhelmingly went for Sanders in the primary.

  • theoacme

    I see no difference between Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bull Connor.

  • JonasGrumby

    Wouldn’t Ellison qualify as a racist as well?