Daily Digest: Trump and Clinton

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday. It was a good night for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as five states held primaries yesterday. Let’s start the Digest there.

1. Trump swept the primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island. He called himself the “presumptive nominee.” And while he still doesn’t have enough delegates to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot, he’s getting close. (Washington Post)

2. Hillary Clinton won four out of the five states, with Bernie Sanders winning in Rhode Island. In her speech last night she tried to unite the party. But Sanders says he will stay in the race until the convention in July. (Politico)

3. So, is it a done deal? Trump versus Clinton in November? It kind of looks that way, but there could be twists and turns ahead. And one could come in Indiana. (NPR)

4. In Minnesota, a state Senate committee was packed with people on both sides of the gun control issue Tuesday. They were there to talk about two bills that will not get a vote this session. One expands background checks to virtually all gun sales in the state, and the other allows law enforcement or family members to get court orders to prevent people who pose a danger to themselves or others from possessing a firearm. Some opponents of the measure called the hearing pure politics. (MPR News)

5. Prince’s sister says the music legend died without a will. She is asking a judge to appoint a special administrator to sort out his estate and run his businesses. If there truly is no will, it could take a long time to sort out the extent of Prince’s wealth and who is entitled to benefit from it. (Star Tribune)

  • Bob Brereton

    Prince has been on the front page above the fold of the Star-Tribune for five days now. Today’s story about Prince having left no will is not front page news. Enough already!

    • Jeff C.

      How do you, Bob, decide what is or isn’t news?

      Remember – The owners of the Strib own in to make money. More people are going to buy their paper and go to their website if there is Prince news to be consumed. They’d be fools to not run any Prince story above the fold.

      • Bob Brereton

        The Strib also has a journalistic responsibility to INFORM its readers.Their drug story yesterday comes off as mere gossip at this stage and the lack of a will is not front page worthy when many other stories got put in the inner pages.
        The public gains precious little accurate information whether or not it knows about Prince’s will status.
        If the Star-Tribune wanted to merely sell papers they could go to a “Page 3” topless model paper similar to British tabloids.Would that be foolish? Depends on whether or not all you want to do is sell papers.
        As such, they have run two front page stories in a row that as yet are unsubstantiated.
        So: this is an easy one. His drug use is not proven and is therefore not news yet.
        His sister says he died
        intestate but that is not a proven fact. This is not news yet either.
        Glad I could help you out.