Daily Digest: Crimes, cooks and Colorado

Good morning, and welcome to Friday. Here’s the week ending Digest.

1. The state House and Senate worked a long day Thursday. The House was debating the last of three supplemental budget bills, and the Senate was passing one big one. The bills don’t match up because the DFL-controlled Senate plan spends much of the $900 million budget surplus while the Republican-controlled House wants to the use the surplus for transportation and tax cuts. With a little more than three weeks left in the session, it’s not clear whether the two sides and Gov. Mark Dayton will be able to reach a compromise. (MPR News)

2. Key legislators and law enforcement officials have a reached an agreement to lower prison sentences for drug crimes. The goal of the agreement is to keep sentences stiff for those making money from selling drugs but ease up on addicts. The plan is expected to be introduced as a bill next week, and supporters will have more to say about it today. (Star Tribune)

3. Police are investigating whether Prince died of a drug overdose, and we’ll likely know for sure in a few weeks when toxicology reports are complete. In the meantime, no one is missing the music legend more than the people who cooked for him for the past three years. (City Pages)

4. Colorado voters have a chance in November to abolish the Affordable Care Act in their state. But conservatives oppose the ballot initiative. That’s because the measure would replace Obamacare with a taxpayer funded system that guarantees coverage for everyone. The cost would be more than the entire state budget right now. (New York Times)

5. I guess former House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t like Ted Cruz. I mean, he really doesn’t like Ted Cruz.  And Boehner says he will vote for Donald Trump if Trump is the Republican nominee. (Stanford Daily)