Daily Digest: The Metro Area grows

Hello and welcome to Thursday.  Let’s take a look at the Digest.

1. New census estimates show Minnesota’s population grew by nearly 186,000 people since 2010. Most of that growth is coming in the Twin Cities, and the metro area population tops 3 million people for the first time. (MPR News)

2. A group of legislative Republicans want to restrict which bathrooms and locker rooms transgender people can use. A bill they released Wednesday would require people to use the facilities designated for the gender they were identified as when they were born. It also bans employers from allowing people to use the bathrooms designated for the sex they now identify with. Gov. Mark Dayton threatened to veto the measure if it reaches his desk. He says it’s an appalling political maneuver designed to appeal to conservative voters. (MPR News)

3. Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Keith Downey talked to a group of Muslims at an event near the Capitol Wednesday. Much of what he said was in response to comments from Donald Trump. He argued that it’s important not to violate anyone’s right to practice their religion but that candidates should also be allowed to say what they think. (Star Tribune)

4. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s speech Wednesday about the lamentable state of American politics was just one step in a GOP effort to wall off congressional races from the campaign for the White House if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. (Washington Post)

5. The Supreme Court may be headed to its first 4-4 decision after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. The case involves the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Affordable Care Act and whether health insurance should cover contraception.  (NPR)

  • tiffiny vanvorken

    Very biased reporting. What was the purpose of adding number 4. about Ryans comments.??

    • Mike Mulcahy

      From the Washington Post story that I linked to:

      “The anxiety about Trump’s potential spillover effect on down-ballot races was underscored Wednesday when House Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin lamented the “disheartened” state of the campaign and criticized the “identity politics” on display in the increasingly toxic race for the GOP presidential nomination.”

  • wjc

    Wouldn’t you think that the Republican same-sex marriage failure would have taught members of the Legislature to stay away from issues such as bathrooms and locker rooms? Apparently, their “throw the red meat to the base” plan goes forward unabated.

    This too has failure written all over it. Instead of getting serious about the issues that are really crucial to the future of the state of Minnesota (the economy, transportation and education), they seek to impose their views on local businesses and government agencies concerning how people use bathrooms. I thought the GOP was the party of limited government. Oh, I guess that’s only when they aren’t trying to score cheap political points.