Daily Digest: Legal and other matters

Good morning. It’s Thursday and time to check the Digest.

1. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says that he, not a grand jury, will decide whether there any criminal charges will result from the police shooting of Jamar Clark last fall. Freeman announced Wednesday that from now on his office will not convene grand juries in any officer related shootings. (MPR News)

2. A state Senate committee heard hours of emotional testimony on a bill that would permit physician-assisted suicide in Minnesota. The bill isn’t going anywhere this session, but its author said she wanted to start a conversation. (Star Tribune)

3. Public safety officials are worried after seven people died of heroin overdoses in northern Minnesota in recent days. Officials believe the heroin may be laced with some other narcotic. (MPR News)

4. In naming Judge Merrick Garland as his nominee to the Supreme Court to replace the late Antonin Scalia, President Obama disappointed some members of his own party who hoped he would pick a more liberal nominee or someone who would give Democrats an advantage in the presidential campaign. He also challenged Senate Republicans, who have said they will not give the president’s choice a hearing, because Garland seems to be widely respected and uniquely qualified for the job. (NPR)

5. As for those Senate Republicans, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won’t meet with Garland. Some other senators say they will, but Democrats are going to ramp up the pressure, especially in states where Republicans face re-election this year. (Politico)