Daily Digest: Now this would be fun

Good morning. The Vikings exceeded expectations last night, but they still couldn’t pull it off. 23-20.  Oh, well. At least it’s Friday. Here’s the Digest.

1.  Republicans are preparing for the possibility of a brokered national convention. The last time they held a convention without a clear nominee was in 1976, when Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were competing. For those of you too young to remember, Ford was president after Richard Nixon resigned. Ford won the nomination and lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter. (Washington Post)

2.  Months after many journalists and politics watchers predicted he would fade, Donald Trump is still the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in most polls. It’s no surprise, says this headline. Really? Because just between you and me, it’s kind of surprising.  (NPR)

3. If Trump decides to run as an independent rather than a Republican, some say it would guarantee the Democrats a victory. (Politico)

4. A report alleges students were abused by staffers in the school district overseen by the person chosen to be the new superintendent of Minneapolis schools. (Star Tribune)

5. A state senator and his wife have paid a court appointed receiver more than $2,700 to settle a dispute over expenses they claimed through a shuttered Minneapolis nonprofit. (AP via Pioneer Press)