GOP presidential hopefuls courting Daudt

House Speaker Kurt Daudt. Tim Pugmire|MPR News

The state’s top elected Republican is remaining neutral, for now, about his party’s 2016 presidential candidates.

Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, has been unaffiliated since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the race last month. Daudt had been serving as the Minnesota chairman of Walker’s campaign.

“I’m just kind of watching the field,” Daudt said. “There are a lot of great candidates on the Republican side.”

Daudt said his first priority is the state House GOP caucus and getting ready for next year’s legislative contests.

He said he probably won’t engage “anytime soon” with any presidential campaigns. But that hasn’t stop them from asking for his support.

“Quite a few campaigns have reached out to me,” he said.

Daudt did not say which campaigns have approached him.

  • Ron Fresquez

    House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown………….“There are a lot of great candidates on the Republican side.” Really? Great candidates like Scott Walker? The guy you endorsed? If Scott Walker was such a great candidate why did he fold like a cheap suit? Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown is “GREAT” at picking GREAT” Presidential candidates.

    Yes, there is a lot to choose from in that Republican Party Short Bus. Trump, Carson, Jeb “I’m the Smarter Brother Bush, Rubio, Carly I Can’t Tell the Truth Fiorina, The Huckster, Ayn Rand Paul, Rick Frothy Santorum, Piyush Jindal? However, none of these grifters have the gravitas or the votes to become the next POTUS.

    The Regressive Party was unable to elect a relatively sane Myth Romney. Now they think America is going to elect one of these crazy, racist candidates that wants to take America back 100 years. These are certainly “Heady” times for the Regressive Party.