Dayton frowns on possible Biden presidential bid

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton says he doesn’t want Vice President Joe Biden to join the 2016 Democratic field of presidential candidates.

Biden could soon announce whether or not he plans to enter the race.

Dayton, who is backing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, told reporters today that Biden’s entry would make the party nomination very competitive. But he said he would prefer that Biden not run.

“Secretary Clinton has been in this race from the very beginning.” Dayton said. “From all appearances she is — nothing is ever assured — but she seems to be head and shoulders above her competition and she’s in line to be our nominee. I think it’s just terribly unfortunate for somebody to step in at this point and try to jam that up and take it away from her.”

The Clinton campaign announced earlier this month that Dayton and other top Democrats in the state are part of the “Hillary for Minnesota Leadership Council.” The group will help prepare for the state’s precinct caucuses on March 1.

  • jec

    Who cares what Dayton thinks?

  • Fred

    Apparently honesty and integrity mean nothing to leading Minnesota Democrats.