Daily Digest: Long day for Clinton

Here it is already, another Friday. And here is your Digest:

1. Hillary Clinton spent a long day in front of the House Benghazi committee, but Republicans didn’t have a whole lot new to ask her about. (New York Times)

2. It now looks certain that Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will be the next Speaker of the House. (The Hill)

3. Charles Koch says he doesn’t really like politics. (Marketplace)

4. There doesn’t seem to be much he can do about it, but Gov. Mark Dayton again expressed his concern about trains carrying crude oil being routed through Minneapolis. (MPR News)

5. After Minneapolis rejected it, St. Paul will get that Major League Soccer stadium. (Pioneer Press)

  • Fred

    I think what the Republicans on the committee are trying to show is that Hillary and the Obama administration will lie, slow walk, etc rather than allow themselves to look bad politically, especially before an election. They took a victory lap and had their “mission accomplished” moment in 2011 when Qadafi was killed but in 2012, four months before the presidential election, they didn’t want it to appear that things weren’t going well in Libya. That’s where the famous video narrative came from. That’s why they ignored several hundred requests for security improvements. That’s why four Americans died. That’s why they fought giving information to the committee whenever they could. The large volume of sympathetic reports about Hillary is a sign of just how much the MSM is in the tank for Hillary. It’s an organized propaganda campaign, perhaps led by David Brock, that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.