Daily Digest: Hodges backs down

Good Thursday morning. Here’s your Digest:

1. After significant push-back from businesses, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has backed off her push for employers in the city to compensate workers for unexpected schedule changes. (MPR News)

2. The state Supreme Court has removed a judge after he admitted to filing a false statement about where he lived when he ran for re-election. (MPR News)

3. Attorney General Lori Swanson says a car donation nonprofit was keeping most of the money it suggested it was sending to charity. (Star Tribune)

4. Hillary Clinton’s debate performance Tuesday night may have closed the window for Joe Biden to enter the presidential race. (New York Times)

5. The Democrats made gun control an issue in the debate. Might it end up helping Republicans? (Washington Post)

  • LoveCoates

    So that makes three Republicans – Rep. McCathy, Rep. Hanna, and the fired Benghazi staffer- who now admit millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on a fake, made-up scandal, which is both illegal and unethical.

    Democrats should sue House Republicans for their illegal abuse of public money and the public trust. Rethuglicans are liars and cannot be trusted. Using the tragic deaths in Benghazi for crass political purposes is disgusting.