Rep. Mack moves on, disputes ‘making out’ allegations

Rep. Tara Mack answered reporters’ questions after a meeting of the Legislative Health Care Workforce Commission. Tim Pugmire | MPR News
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One of the two Republican lawmakers ticketed last month for allegedly “making out” in a Dakota County park said Thursday that she’s focusing on her job and trying to move on.

Rep. Tara Mack, R-Apple Valley, attended a meeting of the Legislative Health Care Workforce Commission, which she co-chairs. It was her first public appearance since the incident that also involved Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing.

Mack paid the fine but hasn’t given her own account of the incident. She told reporters after the meeting that she still disputes details of the park ranger’s report but declined to elaborate.

‘I’m going to focus on moving forward,” Mack said. “I have apologized to law enforcement. I’ve paid the citation, and I am focused on moving forward. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks for my family, and the best thing for us, the best thing for my job, the best thing for the state of Minnesota is to move forward.”

House Democrats still aren’t satisfied with Mack’s or Kelly’s apologies, which they want directed to the park ranger. Mack said she thinks her apology to all law enforcement officers was adequate.

Mack said she has not yet decided whether to run for re-election in 2016.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, said the incident involving Mack and Kelly “was unfortunate,” but Daudt he thinks the apologies they made last week were appropriate.

“I actually thought it was very sincere and heartfelt, and I appreciate the fact they did that,” Daudt said. “Obviously, I think the Democrats have an interest in keeping the story alive and will probably continue to do that.”

Mack and Kelly voluntarily stepped down as members of the House Ethics Committee last week.

Mack is chair of the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee and Kelly chairs the House Transportation Policy and Finance Committee. Asked if either of those chair assignments are in jeopardy, Daudt responded “no, not at this point.”

  • L. Foonimin

    Oh, were to begin …

  • gus

    We’d like to move on too, and if she were to leave the legislature that would be a good start. Shameful behavior and not even an apology for her and her “lover’s” derogatory statements about the park ranger, who I believe is/was a young seasonal employee trying to do a good job. If she only had the introspection, the self awareness, that her risky behavior led to this embarrassing episode. Nobody’s fault but hers and her partner’s.

  • Ron Fresquez

    So I want to make sure I understand this. Ms. Mack is a “Family Values” legislator and is she is married to a Pastor and she has children with this Pastor and she was exchanging documents in a car, with a man who is a also a “Family Values” legislator, who is not her husband, who is a Pastor and she is caught with her pants unzipped and pulled down.

    This man who she is exchanging documents with, who is a also a “Family Values” legislator, who is not her husband, who is a Pastor, is married to another woman with children from this woman.

    I am confused. What type of documents required Ms. Mack to have her pants unzipped and pulled down upon delivery? Am I missing something here? Were there instructions in the documents that stated “Upon delivery, please unzip and pull down your pants.” Color me confused.

  • BostonBear

    she’s hot! i’d like to exchange some documents with her too!!!