Daily Digest: Worries about Walker

Good morning, and welcome to Friday.

Here’s your Digest.

1. Some donors to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, including Minnesotan Stanley Hubbard, are worried and thinking about other candidates. (Washington Post)

2. Carly Fiorina did well in the debate Wednesday night. Now what? (The Hill)

3. Gov. Mark Dayton is lobbying Washington against cuts to the National Guard. (Star Tribune)

4. Black leaders say Dayton needs to do more to address racial disparities after Census numbers showed a drop in black income. (Star Tribune)

5. Black Lives Matter is planning to disrupt light rail traffic on Sunday. (MPR News)

  • kevins

    My Congressperson just voted in favor of H. Res 421, defunding Planned Parenthood. The only D in the delegation to vote that way. We are again disappointed..not surprised, but disappointed.