The Daily Digest: new laws, new media

Good morning. Here are five stories to start off your day.

1. Do you know who’s paying the bills at the news sites you visit? It might surprise you. This is Catharine Richert’s last story for MPR News, and it’s a good reminder why it’s important to support the kind of coverage you find here. (MPR News)

2. A lot of new state laws take effect on Aug. 1. I’m not sure I would have chosen the same one the Pioneer Press did to lead its story. (Pioneer Press)

3. The Senate wants to save the federal Export-Import Bank, which provides subsidies to some businesses. Many House Republicans don’t like it. The issue highlights a split in the business community and among Republicans. (New York Times)

4. The latest on the Donald Trump watch? Now he’s going after Scott Walker. (Washington Post)

5. I don’t know if you ever saw the original British version of House of Cards, but this sure sounds like something out of it. (Times of India)

  • Fred

    Catharine Richert, along with 8 other employees, have been laid off by MPR. See MinnPost for more info. Richert was thorough but in the future it would be an improvement if MPR could be more moderate in their coverage like Gary Eichten was.