The Daily Digest: Lion-free edition

Good morning. Here are five stories to read as you start your day, none of which involves a lion or a dentist.

1. Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders talked Tuesday evening about a possible special session next month to provide financial assistance to the Lake Mille Lacs area if walleye fishing is shut down early as appears likely. (MPR News)

2. The Dayton administration says competitive bidding and lower than expected costs combined to save taxpayers $650 million in HMO care for people on Medicaid and MinnesotaCare. The savings are bad news for a couple of HMOs. (MPR News)

3. Minnesotans who helped pass the 1965 Voting Rights Act are reflecting as its 50th anniversary approaches. (MPR News)

4. John Boehner faces a challenge as House Speaker from the right, but based based on history he has little to fear. (Washington Post)

5. More than five months before any of the 2016 presidential primaries, Politico is all but declaring Republican Sen. Rand Paul out of the race.