The Daily Digest: Christie is in the race

Good morning! Here are five political stories worth reading today.

1) Christie: In 

In a surprise to no one, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has declared his candidacy for president. His timing is good: By announcing today, he won’t have to file information about his campaign finances for months, making him impervious to comparisons to the multitude of other candidates in the GOP field. (The New York Times)

2) Working overtime

President Barack Obama wants to expand the number of workers eligible for overtime. Don’t want to read about it? I’ve found a handy graphic to show who will benefit. (Vox)

3) Which way, SCOTUS?

Now that the Supreme Court has finished up its work for the year, there are some strong opinions out there on whether justices are tacking right or tacking left. For a reality check, look at the numbers. (SCOTUSblog)

4) Supreme silence

Speaking of Supreme Court decisions, did you notice many Minnesota Republicans didn’t have much to say when the court’s ruling came down? Rachel Stassen-Berger at the Pioneer Press takes a look at some of the reasons why. (The Pioneer Press)

5) New laws

News you can use: 10 new laws that kick in today. (MPR News)