The Daily Digest: I’m not a scientist…

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In Minnesota and in Washington, Republicans are shifting the way they talk about climate change. It may be influenced by polling, or, as one GOP consultant told MPR, by Republicans “hedging their bets” by appealing to as many voters as possible. And then there’s the Pope’s latest encyclical on climate change, which is putting some pressure on Catholic presidential candidates. (MPR News)

Hemp – not the smoking kind – may soon be growing in Minnesota fields again. That’s because legislators approved the “Industrial Hemp Development Act” this session. (AP via Star Tribune)

The U.S. Senate narrowly jumped a procedural hurdle blocking President Barack Obama’s trade agenda. Minnesota Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken voted against limiting debate on the bill, signaling they’ll vote against the overall measure, too. Now, the question is whether Obama will sign the bill without assistance for workers displaced by trade, which is expected for debate in the U.S. House Thursday. (The New York Times)

The white supremacist group that inspired a suspected shooter in South Carolina has long history with some prominent politicians. (The Atlantic)

Lastly, congressional Reps. Tom Emmer and Keith Ellison, two guys who typically don’t share much in common politically, have started the Somalia Caucus. The group will support efforts to promote peace in the area, as well as combat terrorist networks that operate there. (MPR News)