The Daily Digest: “ACA is here to stay”

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You’re probably going to be reading a lot in the next few days about President Barack Obama’s legacy, now that the Supreme Court has once again upheld a key part of the Affordable Care Act. The plaintiff’s challenge against the law – that people buying insurance on the federal exchange can’t access subsidies – is widely considered to be the last plausible challenge opponents of the law can bring to court. (The New York Times)

Minnesota’s DC delegation was mixed on the Supreme Court’s decision, with Republicans saying it was bad for the country and Democrats saying it was the right decision. (MPR News)

Some local officials are also applauding the court’s decision, but that doesn’t fix problems Minnesota is having with its insurance exchange. (MPR News)

Behind the scenes, some members of the GOP are relieved. As Vox’s Jon Allen writes, “The fight over whether and how to repair the law could have been a disaster for the GOP. A CBS News/New York Times poll released this week found that 70 percent of respondents wanted the court to keep the subsidies and 64 percent wanted Congress to replace them if the court had struck them down. But Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, had not coalesced around a viable plan to help the millions of Americans who risked losing their insurance if the court swung against the law.” (Vox)

The Supreme Court is going to drop another bombshell soon, this time on same-sex marriage. The implication of the court’s decision will depend on where you live. (NPR)

Obama had another big this week in the form of new trade authority. After Minnesota’s House Democratic delegation voted against worker assistance two weeks ago to stall Obama’s signature trade deal, they all voted for a measure that providers training and other programs for workers displaced by international trade. (MPR News)


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    I can’t wait until we have Medicaid for all!