Dayton to attend Clinton campaign event

Gov. Mark Dayton, who benefited from a last minute campaign stop by Hillary Clinton in the 2014 election, is returning the favor.

Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith will be joining a Hillary for America campaign strategy session for community leaders and volunteers Tuesday evening at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in Minneapolis.

“I am excited to invite you to support my good friend, Hillary Clinton, in her presidential campaign,” Dayton wrote in an email “Over the next 18 months I will be doing all I can to help elect this great progressive champion. Will you join me?

In the final days of last year’s campaign, Clinton came to Minnesota to raise money for Dayton.

Dayton also served in the Senate with Clinton and supported her 2008 presidential campaign.

Right now, Clinton is the presumed front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, though Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has also declared his candidacy.

  • EdBradly7

    The next President of the United States is coming to town. Off course the Governor should be there. Who cares what MN Regressives, the Party of no ideas and nothing to offer have to say.

  • goviswasted

    Supreme Criminal get together, Wow the Clintons leave a trail of bodies everywhere. Any garbage man would make a better president than these insane above the law untouchable murderous criminals. Clinton or bush again really ? you deserve what you get stupid idiot fascist ruled americans.

  • goviswasted

    Let’s vote for the devil if she has a vagina. Vote vagina that is all that matters. Insanity be dammed.