The Daily Digest: Indiana fallout grows

Good morning!

In Minnesota

A new taconite plant is under construction on the Iron Range that benefits from public subsidies. But some state lawmakers are unhappy the company isn’t building the steel plant it also promised. (MPR News)

The lack of paid sick leave in Minnesota workplaces has contributed to contagious disease outbreaks and added to employers’ health care expenses, according to a report issued earlier this month from the state’s Department of Health. (WCCO)

A “global agreement” cut between insurance companies and smartphone-based ride-sharing services like Uber extends to a compromise in Minnesota with legislation that would increase the company’s mandated commercial insurance coverage without jeopardizing their presence in Minnesota. (Star Tribune)

National Politics

Indiana’s legislative leaders joined Gov. Mike Pence in saying that they planned to amend a new religious freedom law to make clear that it did not allow discrimination against gays and lesbians, while still insisting that the law did not do so in its current form. (New York Times)

Not so long ago, an “exploratory” committee was the usual first step in a presidential campaign. But that’s changed since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling. Now, some candidates aren’t declaring their candidacy, and thus not being constrained by federal limits and can coax billionaires into writing huge checks. (NPR)

True tales from the battlefront: reporters say it’s getting more and more difficult to cover government agencies because officials want “message control.” (Washington Post)

At the intersection of comedy and politics, the Daily Show’s new host is a 31 year old South African. (The Guardian)