The Daily Digest: Bakk unsure about raises

Good morning!

In Minnesota

The top Democrat in the Minnesota Senate says he is not yet ready to embrace the legislation passed by the House last week to delay DFL Gov. Mark Dayton’s pay raises for commissioners until July 1. (MPR News)

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed what they called the first of many efforts to reform the state’s child protection system. (Star Tribune)

Legislation placing new restrictions on the state lottery is heading for another vote in the Minnesota Senate. (MPR News)

The union that represents thousands of Minnesota food workers is celebrating its newest members — the state’s medical marijuana workers. (Pioneer Press)

Freshmen lawmakers to watch in the state legislature. (MinnPost)

National Politics

Congressional Republicans remain sharply divided over the looming standoff over funding the Department of Homeland Security, prompting White House officials to prepare to shut down an agency designed to protect everything from the nation’s borders to the president. (Washington Post)

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears to be working on a plan that may end the standoff by splitting the DHS funding issue away from GOP concerns about the Obama administration’s executive orders on immigration. (Roll Call)

President Obama beseeched the nation’s governors to partner with him on elements of his agenda to help the middle class in the face of congressional gridlock, saying there was room for collaboration on economic issues, health care and criminal justice reform. (New York Times)

Obama called for new rules requiring financial advisers to put their client’s interests above their own, especially when it comes to retirement savings plans. (USA Today)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar held a summit on ending the embargo against Cuba. (KARE)

Finally…even the most cynical hater of House of Cards will be charmed by Sesame Street’s version.