Sunday liquor rematch brewing at state Capitol

The fight over Sunday liquor sales will return to the Minnesota Legislature this year.

Lawmakers have several bills in the works aimed at lifting or modifying the state law that does not allow liquor stores to be open on Sundays. Previous attempts have failed, often by lopsided margins. But supporters keep trying.

Sen. David Osmek, R-Mound, said some proposals would allow cities to decide individually whether to allow Sunday sales. Osmek said he’ll introduce a bill to simply lift the statewide prohibition.

“I think as people start to debunk the myths that we currently have on Sunday sales, I think more and more people are going to come across and be in favor of letting businesses determine when they want to be open,” Osmek said.

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton has previously said he would sign a bill allowing Sunday sales if it landed on his desk.

The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association is among the groups that support the current ban. There are also many like-minded legislators.

Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston, said he voted against lifting the ban on Sunday sales in the past and will do it again this session when and if it comes up.

“Most of these liquor stores are small mom and pop shops, and they’d really like a day off,” Davids said. “It’s worked fine in Minnesota for many, many years. You know, if you open it up on Sundays you simply are spreading the same number of sales over another day. So, I’ve come down on the side of small business owners.”

  • Dave M

    “So, I’ve come down on the side of small business owners.”

    But who elected you? Does a small business get a vote?

  • Erik

    People can go to a Vikings game and get wasted but you can’t go to a store and buy anything other than 3.2? The whole thing is ridiculous.

  • krissylou

    How is it on the side of small business owners to prohibit them to be open on Sundays? Let THEM decide if they want to be open or not.

  • Urie Wallick

    Small liquor Store Businesses pay big for a Licence to do business in MN..And
    they are already smacked around by stupid laws like the hours and location
    and city completion stores plus Costco and other super markets that got into
    the wine and liquor game.Why these folks even got into a business like this
    mind boggles me.Sunday sales won’t make them 10 cents more in profits.It
    will spread sales out over the 7 days but no new customers.”They PAY for and
    need a day off! Leave it alone GOV.!!!!

    • JP

      The millions of dollars spent on Sunday liquor sales in Hudson, by MN residents, says otherwise. Nobody would be forced to be open on Sunday.

  • grainbeltgirl

    Change the law to give the option to be open on Sunday. Get rid of this government mandate and let the business people decide how to run their business. Entrepreneurs rock!

  • rst1317

    The real problem is the byzantine system we have for liquor licensing. We’ve created a system that shelters a very small group of people from competition at a great expense to consumers. Sunday sales is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reforms that industry needs.