Severson says his campaign website was hacked

Republican secretary of state candidate Dan Severson says his campaign website was hacked on Wednesday night.

He said technology experts told him the problem came from an outside group that they have not yet identified. But Severson says the timing of the incident raises questions about whether there was a political motivation behind the crash.

“To me it’s a little coincidental,” Severson said. “It takes place within the last week of the election. It’s been up for eight months. We haven’t had any problems with it and all of the sudden it gets hacked a week before the election.”

Severson offered no evidence to show any motivation for the hacking.

Severson is a former state lawmaker. He lost a previous bid for secretary of state four years ago.

State Rep. Steve Simon, DFL-St. Louis Park, and Bob Helland of the Independence Party are also running for the open seat this year.

Update: Severson’s campaign wrote on Twitter that the website is back up and running.

  • CarriePerlstein

    Why is MPR running this story? Aside from Severson, nobody, not his party, his service provider, and especially not law enforcement, is substantiating this baseless claim. And it’s worse because this guy has a history of claiming crimes where there aren’t any. One need only look at his years of unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. But has ever proven one case? Nope. Instead, he just runs around making paranoid accusations … and MPR covers them. Way to go.

  • John Augustine

    I watched a TPT debate of SOS candidates not too long ago that had four people, including Bob Odden for the Libertarian Party. You can focus on favorites if you want, but you shouldn’t state there are only three candidates running when more qualified for the ballot.