The Daily Digest: Dems take aim at candidates’ wealth

Good morning!

In Minnesota

Democrats are going after the personal wealth of two Republican candidates. (MPR News)

Gov. Mark Dayton said that a report of a nonprofit using state funds to subsidize cruises, a director’s car lease and spa treatments was very concerning and alarming. (Star Tribune)

Dayton also announced steps to immediately ramp up review of the state’s child protection system and to develop longer-term recommendations for change. (MPR News)

In an election year where candidates are promising to make education more affordable, the Minnesota House DFL says it wants to freeze tuition at Minnesota’s public higher education institutions until 2017. (MPR News)

A Minnesota House candidate is being sued in civil court after cutting his neighbor’s garage in half in a property dispute. (AP via MPR News)

Enough with the hockey ads! (MPR News)

National Politics

U.S. forces attacked Sunni militants inside Syria. (New York Times)

The Treasury Department issued new rules to prevent the kinds of tax-lowering corporate mergers that Medtronic is currently attempting. (MPR News)

Democrats, who argue in favor of less money in politics, are relying on big donors to help keep their Senate majority this fall. (Politico)

Many Americans want more religion in politics, according to a new poll. (Pew Research Center)

What do Dancing with the Stars, Wheel of Fortune and Sunday Night Football all have in common? (Roll Call)

  • Gary F

    I’m sure glad Mark Dayton’s wealth is not an issue or that his ex-wife, a Rockefeller, is paying for a lot of TV ads. Mark Dayton being rich is different, right?

    Ever notice how Mark Dayton never talks in his commercials?