Daily Digest: Primary minus one edition

Happy Monday just one day short of primary Election Day. Here’s what you may have missed over the weekend.


The biggest prize tomorrow is the Republican nomination for governor. The four candidates have been stressing experience over issues. (MPR News)

And still no one is making many guesses about who might win. (Star Tribune)

One big question the primary might help answer is how much is the GOP endorsement worth? (Pioneer Press)

Light turnout, no clear choice; could the result be a recount? Maybe. (Star Tribune)

Outgoing U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is casting a long shadow over her party’s choice to find a candidate for her job. (MPR News)

A fact check of an ad running against Republican 8th District candidate Stewart Mills finds the attack is misleading. (MPR News)

In the 7th District, Republican candidate Torrey Westrom has significant credit card and student loan debt. (Star Tribune)


The governor of Hawaii lost his bid for a second term to a fellow Democrat. (New York Times)

Republicans are working on an agenda to pass if they manage to take control of the Senate. (New York Times)

So what’s this election about? Nothing and everything. (Well, that’s an easy out) (Washington Post)