Dayton increased donations after giving $1,000 in 2012

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton earned $352,601 last year, according to the 2013 tax returns that he voluntarily released today.

Dayton’s salary was $116,092. The rest of his income came from dividends of $73,062 and capital gains of $163,405. His total income was up about $9,300 from the previous year. Dayton is heir to his family’s department store fortune. He paid $76,008 in federal taxes and $29, 932 in state taxes last year. The governor’s effective tax rate was 30.05 percent.

The returns also show Dayton gave $10,000 to charity in 2013. That’s a big increase from the $1,000 he donated the previous year. Dayton said last year that he was embarrassed by the 2012 number and planned to “remedy that” in 2013. He reported $8,100 in charitable contributions in 2011.

Dayton’s latest disclosures come at a time when he is running for a second term as Minnesota governor.