The Daily Digest: Cantor loses primary

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where politicos are trying to make sense of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary loss.


As the Independence Party tries to maintain its status as a major political party in Minnesota, many of its endorsed candidates have something in common: They want to legalize marijuana. (MPR News)

DFL State Auditor hopeful Matt Entenza contends State Auditor Rebecca Otto misrepresented her record on voter ID. He’s filed a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings. (MPR News)

Gov. Mark Dayton said the perks the NFL is asking from the state to host the Super Bowl are “way overboard” but necessary. (MPR News)

The mining industry is resurgent in the upper Midwest. (AP via MPR News)

Dayton is traveling to Washington today to ask for money for the Lewis and Clark water pipeline. (The Star Tribune)


Biggest Congressional upset in modern memory.

Astonishing loss.”

That’s how reporters are describing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s unexpected primary loss Tuesday night to a Tea Party challenger. (AP via MPR News)

With little money and backing from the party establishment, David Brat hammered Cantor on immigration. (The New York Times)

Cantor’s loss may be a bad omen for moderates in the Republican party. (The New York Times)

Everyone thought Obama’s pick to be Norway’s ambassador would be an easy confirmation. Minnesota lawmakers are pushing back. (MPR News)