The Daily Digest: More MNsure problems

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A new contractor working for MNsure, the state’s health insurance marketplace, says the site isn’t ready for the next round of open enrollment this fall. (MPR News)

Republicans say the report is evidence that Gov. Mark Dayton mismanaged the project.

GOP endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson: “MnSure is a poster child of Mark Dayton’s incompetence and inability to govern… When I am elected I will petition the federal government for a waiver [from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act], so Minnesota can show the rest of the country what a world class health care system really looks like.”

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt: “Today’s revelations about the state of MNsure totally undermine Governor Dayton’s credibility on MNsure and Obamacare.”

For his part, Dayton said the agency still had “work to do” on the website, but defended the fact that many more Minnesotans have health insurance as a result of MNsure. (The Star Tribune)

A year after same-sex marriage was legalized in Minnesota, approval of the practice is at an all-time high according to one recent poll. (MPR News)

Have you heard a new radio ad paid for by Americans for Prosperity? PoliGraph says the ad’s claims about Dayton’s tax policies aren’t entirely true. (MPR News)

The state sex offender program is once again becoming a political football. (Star Tribune)


Rep. Tim Walz was assigned to a special committee that will hash out details of a new bill aimed at improving treatment at Veterans Administration hospitals. (The Star Tribune)

Former Bush administration officials are re-emerging to weigh-in on President Barack Obama’s actions in Iraq. (NBC News)


  • Nathan Hunstad

    Why doesn’t Jeff Johnson petition for a magical sparklepony too? Would have about the same chance of happening.

    Also, does this mean he would petition for getting lifetime spending limits back, throwing adult children off of their parents’ policies, denying people for their pre-exisitng conditions, and no more medical loss ratio so insurance companies can spend more on CEO pay and less on care? Because those are all parts of the ACA, parts that I kind of need.