Obermueller releases pro-Obamacare ad attacking Kline

WASHINGTON — Democrats appear to be less worried about the political fallout from the troubles of the Affordable Care Act. Second District DFL candidate Mike Obermueller’s first TV ad embraces the law and condemns the multiple votes incumbent Republican Rep. John Kline has taken to repeal it.

The ad shows insurance company executives dancing at the thought of the law being repealed by Congress (actually, the health insurance industry’s primary trade group backs the Affordable Care Act) and ties Kline to last fall’s federal government shutdown.

Obermueller’s campaign says the ad will air on prime time cable in the district but would not say how much it’s spending — usually a sign that it’s not very much. Obermueller’s also trying to raise money off of the ad to close the very large financial gap between his campaign and Kline’s. As of March 31, Kline had more than $1.6 million in cash while Obermueller held $238,000.

UPDATE: A Republican source passed along copies of Obermueller’s ad buy showing the DFL candidate’s campaign spent just $400 to get his ads on MSNBC. We reached out to Obermueller for confirmation but have received no response.