Dayton signs $1.1 billion construction legislation

Gov. Mark Dayton reviews the 2014 legislative session with DFL House and Senate leaders. Tim Pugmire/MPR News

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton signed four key pieces of legislation into law today, while declaring the recently-concluded 2014 session a big success.

Dayton signed the separate bonding and cash bills that fund a $1.1 billion package of public construction projects. He also signed a $283 million supplemental budget bill and a $103 million tax cut measure.

During a news conference with DFL legislative leaders, Dayton offered a positive review of their work.

“It was a very, very successful session, two successful sessions, and more progress than I’ve ever seen in two legislative sessions,” Dayton said. “I think the legislators and the leaders especially should be very proud of what they accomplished.”

Dayton said he still needs to take action on about 30 bills.

He hinted that he might veto the bill that prevents the Minnesota Lottery from offering games online and at gas pumps.

Meanwhile Republican leaders toured the state calling for an end to one-party control at the Capitol.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, said at the start of the tour in St. Paul Monday that Democrats spent too much money, and that the DFL agenda is hurting Minnesota’s economic recovery.

“We hope that this will be the end of single party control in Minnesota. Democrats continued their old habits of taxing and spending as a solution to every problem, and what we found out is that they’ve driven us from a healthy recovering economy back towards deficit spending and unhealthy taxing and spending.”

The governor’s office and every seat in the state House are on the ballot in November.

  • Mark Dayton is SERIOUSLY out of touch with reality and I believe it to be caused in part by an opiate addiction resulting from his health problems with his back and hip! Governor Mark Dayton’s, unjustifiable “SAFETY AWARD” honoring Hibbing’s Fairview Range, hospital, the hospital THAT KILLED MY FATHER, IS MORE PROOF THAT HIS CAPABILITY TO MAKE SOUND DECISIONS BASED ON FACTS IS SEVERELY DIMINISHED! Click on the pic for more FACTS via the comments~

  • TJ Mitchkorb

    Let me get this straight. Your dad dies over a year ago, and somehow that is Governor Dayton’s fault? You need to reexamine who is out of touch with reality.