The Daily Digest (data wars, bullying, cable merger)

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A minimum wage increase is just a vote away from becoming law. (MPR News)

Democrats and Republicans are using new digital tools to reach voters. They are part of a behind-the-scenes data war between the two parties. (MPR News)

The DFL and the Minnesota Republican Party are giving a first look at their latest fundraising numbers. (MPR News)

Sixth Congressional District GOP hopeful Phil Krinkie is bypassing his district’s convention and heading to the primary. (MPR News)

A legislative panel has directed the Legislative Auditor to do a wide-ranging review of the new insurance exchange. (MPR News)

A group is suing to overturn some state’s campaign finance laws. (MPR News)

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the anti-bullying bill into law. (MPR News)

The Met Council approved two tunnels for the southwest light rail. (MPR News)

The Senate passed legislation that would allow state officials to penalize anyone who uses large amounts of groundwater without a permit. (MPR News)


For the time bing, the National Park Service won’t address the Isle Royale’s declining wolf population. (MPR News)

A bill to promote equal pay between men and women failed in the U.S. Senate. (The Washington Post)

Top Medicare billers also have fundraising ties to Democrats. (The New York Times)

Representatives from Comcast and Time Warner testified about a proposed merger before a Senate panel that includes Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. (Politico)

A super PAC backing Hillary Clinton for president raised $1.75 million in the first quarter of the year. (CNN)